PhD thesis
Sławomir Kalinowski

Last changes: June 2, 2014

Influence of polarization potential on capacitance of bilayer lipid membranes

Warsaw University, Department of Chemistry, Warsaw, 1997

Supervisor: Prof. Zbigniew Figaszewski
Reviewers: Prof. Stanisław Przestalski, Prof. Zbigniew Galus

Review of literature
  • History of investigations of membrane phenomena
  • Structure of biomembranes and artificial bilayer lipid membranes
  • Components of lipid membranes and their properties
  • Physicochemical properties of bilayer lipid membranes
  • Capacitance of lipid membranes
  • Methods for measurement of membrane capacitance
  • Application of membrane capacitance measurements

Experimantal part
  • Measurement equipment
  • Chemicals and solutions
  • Method for formation of the membranes
  • Studies of membrane formation process
  • Effect of membrane area on specific capacitance of membranes
  • Influence of polarization potential on membrane capacitance
  • Investigations of capacitance minimum potential
  • Application of chronopotentiometry in studies of membrane phenomena
  • Summary

From left: my supervisor professor Zbigniew Figaszewski, I - a new doctor, and the Dean of the Department of Chemistry of Warsaw University professor Stanisław Gł±b.

Two new doctors from Białystok.